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Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Short pause

From January 6th (for approximately 3 to 6 months), Mel will be on maternity leave in Squamish. House calls and online sessions can be available, please inquire via email. 

Current clients, please email anytime for follow up questions and inquiries about your home program. please allow for 48 to 72hrs for a response.

How to Contact

Please let me know when would be the ideal time for your appointment - with a few options. 

Would you prefer a call to discuss some extra things first? Id be happy to chat :) 

you can call or text the number below and lets arrange this together to find the best path for you. 

604.           389.          9066


 Yoga Therapy Session

Every session begins with a conversation. The clients and therapist work together to alleviate the discomforts they wish to address. This can be an emotional or physical complaint. The majority of the students then have a home program they can repeat to create more of the change they desire.

Price list and location options

listed below

Child's Pose

Yoga Sequence

Clients can have a personalized yoga sequence online or in person. 

This can also be for a smaller group of individuals that want the comfort of a familiar group, or simply fits better into the weekly schedule

Great for the traveling Yogi, students new to yoga OR clients that wish to work on creating more stability that a class setting cannot provide.


Choose from :

Hatha, Forrest, Yin, Restorative, Myofascial release, want


Pricing (Canadian currency) 


1 60mins online session



4 online sessions or classes
sessions can be spread over 3 months


60 to 75mins
In person session

packages available


Phone consultation

Want to know your options and have a discussion? 

Fill out the form below



With this adjustment in spot reservation, there is a stricter cancelation policy that is being put in place. 

If appointments are cancelled less then 48hrs prior, there is a 25$ fee (even if this is a charity or an fundraiser offering) 

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