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Hi, I'm Mel

Melanie was attending a Forrest Yoga Body Worker training in Portland, OR, when one of the instructors told
her she reminded him of the mountains:
"Subtle at first, but strong in presence. The simplicity of the mist or fog can keep it hidden"

She was dubbed Mountain Mel and Mountain Movement was born!

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Above the Clouds

Melanie has been practicing yoga in 2008, and quickly saw how beneficial it could be. She did her Yoga Teacher Training in 2010, continuing to practice and teach over the years, but in 2013 her spark for learning was reignited thanks to the climbing community in Squamish, B.C.
This lit the path to something that truly inspired her: Yoga Therapy.

Melanie has experienced first-hand just how hard it can be to navigate the medical system, and feeling like there just aren’t enough answers. She is on a continuous journey of healing as she tries to make friends with her autoimmune disorder, and Yoga Therapy has helped her connect with her body so that it doesn’t overwhelm her day-to-day life. Her biggest fear is becoming only her autoimmune disorder, and her hope is to calm her nervous system so deeply that it becomes dormant.
This is her inspiration in helping others – she is hoping to reconnect your physical body to the rest of your Self.
Melanie uses Yoga therapy, myofascial release, breathing practices, mindful movement,
relaxation techniques, and psychoeducation to understand the language of the human body.
Each session is unique, and will reflect only what your body is saying to Melanie! There will always be conversation about where you are in the moment, what your goals are, and using compassion and understanding, the team work makes the dream work!

Students who wish to work beyond the private sessions, can join the Mountain Movement community online or in person in a variety of offerings to stay on track and explore further.

"I am not perfect and I don't know it all - and I like that!"
"I enjoy laughing, so our sessions won’t be dry!"
“I believe we all have an important story to share, even if we don't know it yet. Sometimes part of the story is lost in translation, and moving through the physical form can uncover what is really happening. I’m here to help interpret with you!”

Mountains in Clouds

Yoga Education & Training

Currently attending the Advanced Yoga Therapy Certification at Vancouver School of Healing Arts.


Final semester.


The Case Study Project: 

"Benefits of Yoga Therapy for Endometriosis and alternative modalities for discomfort to ultimately avoid full or partials hysterectomies'" 

and 8 week study.

Upon completion I will be a fully

certified Yoga Therapist



Advanced Yoga Therapy with VSOHA, End February 2023

Well Woman Yoga Therapy Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, End September 2023.

Recent Education: 

Reiki Level 1 with Phoenix Rising Reiki, April 2022

Foundations of Yoga Therapy, 300hrs, Vancouver School of Healing Arts. January 2021

Yoga Therapy and Physical Assessment - Chelsea Lee

Trauma Informed Yoga - Nicole Marcia

Subtle Body Anatomy  Ayurveda & the Chakra - Muneera Wallace

Restorative Therapeutics - Tianna Allan 

Mind-Body Integration (meditation, Nidra, mudras) - Michele Denis

Yoga and Mental Health - Nicole Marcia 

Myofascial Lines and Yoga Therapy - Lauren Roegle 

Women's Health Through the Lifespan - Chantal Russell

Advanced Anatomy - Julia McCabe

Adaptive and Accessible Yoga - Mari-Jo Fetterly 

Applied Philosophy - Rebekka Walker 

Small Group Yoga Therapy - Nicole Marcia 

Student Clinic Supervisor - Chelsea Lee & Cheryl Uphill 

Past Education: the beginning of the journey 

Body worker FY Training, 80hrs, Portland, July 2017

Mentorship Program, 100hrs, with Brian Campbell, LA 2016

Forrest Yoga YTT 200hrs, San Francisco, March 2015

YTT 200hrs, Tina Pashumati James, Whistler, October 2010


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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