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Last online class is Friday January 5th, 2024. 
Students can expect a 3 month minimum pause for maternity leave. 

Yoga Pose

Online classes are a great way to add a movement practice in the convenience of your own space.

Pre register here to receive the Zoom link

Class description below is in PDT/PST time.

Zoom link sent via email

Schedule          &          Class description

Tuesday , 4:30pm, 60mins

Thursday, 12:10pm, 45mins &                        1 :05pm, 45mins

Friday, 9:00am, 30mins

This blend of Hatha yoga and Yoga therapy class is customizable and is adaptable to all levels of students.

Yoga Snack. a muscular/physio approach to a yoga practice. sometimes we use straps, blocks and myofascial tools to help with this practice. 

Breath and Yoga Nidra. This 45 mins class grounds and lets the mind and body rest to recharge to let you do the things you need to do with ease and a clear/calm mind.

(registration for this class is different as I teach in person as well. please email me to receive the link)

Mindful Movement. This 30mins class is by far my favorite to teach. It blends functional movement with a yoga therapy lens and always feels different. 

Saturday, 8:00am, 60mins

Saturday Morning flow class to start the day off right. The right blend of movement and care to energize all the layers of the body to allow the student to continue the day with energy and connection to breath.

**Must be signed up by 9pm the night before**

Monthly Memberships 

40$ includes access to live classes

& 27 pre recorded videos.

The online library contains many styles and lengths

Drop in rates
5$ = 30mins

  10$ = 45 to 60mins

13$= 75 to 90mins

Registration is done via email

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