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Yoga Child's Pose


Lets gather

Events are designed for a "purpose" or a specific intension . A reason to explore something specific for everyone attending the event. Often, we find commonalities in our community that may not be obvious from the outside eye. 

Offerings will begin again in Spring of 2024. 

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December 17th

The last group event for me in 2023 is on december 17th and will be co-createed with Sarah K from Phoenix rising Reiki! 

we had great feedback from the last session but are still going to host it slightly different to get some different results! 

Cup of Coffee

When we sit with high quality (ceremonial grade) cacao and we allow its healing properties to settle and be absorbed, its far more then just a energetic kick. Ceremonial cacao is a term for high-grade, fine-flavor, traditional chocolate that's used to emulate some of the spiritual practices of the Maya and Aztec people. Historically, cacao drinks have been used for a variety of life-affirming ceremonies including births, marriages, and battles, as well as to honor the gods.

As Sarah and I are not Mayan,  this event is not classified as a ceremony. However, we intend on respecting its power and apply it to this event for our guests. 

Cacao is packed with flavonoids. These nutrients have been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart, and aid in preventing blood clots.


When we add movement/embodiment practice with the heart centering power of cacao, we invite the body to move the opening aspects of cacao into and beyond the center. 

Students can expect to have a different experience every time this is applied to movement as we are always changing, different parts of us need care and nurturing, other parts may need to "move it out" . 

Join Sarah and I on October 29th for a 4 hour 

Cacao and Movement Event. 

We will sit in circle as Sarah sets our intention while we sip on our delicious drink. There will be opportunities to sit in silence, a guided breath practice, journal prompts and you will be invited to have a small share, if you wish, in this circle. 

We will reset and prepare for movement and have additional props along for the journey. 

adaptions will be offered along the entire journey. Could be from a current or old injurie, but the adaptation could be utilized if the student wants a different experience, or a variation of flow from the cacao.

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