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There are "shorts" all the way to 90 mins classes 

Myofascial release classes - Yoga Nidra - Restorative - Meditation 

If your having issues with theses videos, and have tried a new browser, message me please. 


Helpful foundations

PROPS: (if you don't have any of theses you can still practice ! use your imagination with items around the house. beach towels, pillows, soup cans, bath robe strap) 


Strap (occasionally used) 

Forrest Yoga Roll 

Yoga mat 

Myofascial Release Tools


Ideally in and out through the nose unless cued otherwise. 

A big Exhale out of the mouth can come in handy if you notice an unnecessary breath hold, or if you catch yourself struggling instead of softening. 

NO breath holds for pregnant women please. 

A past or current "injury/stiff/annoying" spot can be a great opportunity to check in and pay attention. Working with your body in its current condition is the greatest connection Yoga can provide. Reconnect and do what the body can in that precise moment ! Notice what can happen, cuz it might be MAGIC.

If you are pregnant:  please refrain from breath holds, abdominal exercises, twists, and anything to do with compression on the belly .

ei over the roll or flat on belly. 

Please book a free consultation so we can discuss your pose variations during this growing process.